A traditional place in the mall, with delicious food on the grill, with the simplicity and rich taste that characterizes the Cypriot and Greek cuisine. The menu includes favourite meals such as pork chops and chicken fillet all served with Greek pitta bread, French fries, salad and tzatziki, healthy salads made from fresh ingredients and the traditional Gyros and souvlaki in a Greek or Cypriot pitta.

Tavernaki offers rich platters where it can satisfy group of friends or family, which they include a variety of meat served on a Greek pita bread with French fries, salad and tzatziki. Also the delicious club sandwich with pork or chicken gyros in two layers of Greek pitta bread is a dish that you must try.

Tavernaki works as a counter service and everyone has to make a stop and order their food and taste the traditional flavours. A place that combines the Cypriot and Greek culture…a point of reference of the Mediterranean islands.

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