A destination full of new experiences


The ambitious “Expanding Experiences” expansion project has now become a reality upgrading the Mall of Cyprus to a destination full of new shopping, entertainment and leisure experiences for everyone, and of course for the whole family.

With the addition of extra 6,000 m², plus 300 additional parking spaces on a total of 4 levels, and with new shops and restaurants, the Mall of Cyprus has now become a pole of attraction for relaxation and an ideal destination for night out, while the use of the veranda perimeter gives a totally new dimension to the enjoyment.

The upgraded parking area offers more ease and convenience, making your visit even more comfortable and enjoyable every hour of the day. With the addition of two more levels, a mezzanine and a 1st floor above the basement and ground floor, 300 additional parking spaces have been created while the majority of seats on all parking levels are now covered. Finally, the traffic between levels has become very easy for the drivers, while the pedestrians can move to and from the commercial areas of the Mall of Cyprus by using the stairs or the lifts.

Having concluded several trade agreements with popular brands from Cyprus and abroad, as well as with new coffee shops and restaurants which bring a new philosophy to the concept of “shopping & leisure”, the Mall of Cyprus is the most favorite destination for everyone, every hour of the day! Come and enjoy it!

The project will take its final form in October 2019.

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