The Mall of Cyprus: Something new is coming at Starbucks, Ocean Basket, TGI Fridays & Gloria Jeans

Mar 25, 2019

Within the frame of the “Expanding Experiences” project, Τhe Mall of Cyprus, brings a renewed tasteful and enjoyable experience at Starbucks, Ocean Basket, TGI Fridays, Gloria Jeans, and Starbucks Kiosk. 

For the first time in Cyprus Starbucks is introducing a modern coffee kiosk that will offer to coffee lovers a unique opportunity to enjoy a complete coffee experience with the passion, know-how and expertise for coffee that characterizes Starbucks. The new coffee kiosk will be on the ground floor of Τhe Mall of Cyprus with distinctive Starbucks aesthetics and modern design style. 

At the same time, Starbucks main store will welcome their customers at its new location – a new welcoming, inviting and familiar place that reflects the unique characteristics of the coffee culture at the first floor of The Mall of Cyprus. The new store is distinctive for its Regional Modern aesthetics and its modern design that creates at the same time an inviting, cozy and friendly environment. In this store, coffee lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy Nitro Cold Brew, the velvety flavor of Cold Brew – slow steeped for a super smooth taste – infused with nitrogen for a naturally sweet flavor and cascading, velvety crema which is served straight from the tap.

On the other hand, Ocean basket, which now relocates from Annex 4 inside The Mall of Cyprus, awaits you at its new location at the first floor to fascinate you with the delicious seafood and sushi platters, the variety of South African and Cypriot wines and their wonderful sweets. For over ten years now, the secret of Ocean Basket is the guaranteed quality of food at always affordable prices and the impeccable and friendly service!

TGI Fridays restaurant will adopt a brand new, refreshed look at its interior and exterior space and ambience, becoming one more TGI Fridays restaurant in Cyprus which is being renewed with the new design guidelines of TIG Fridays International. The new comfortable and multi-functional spaces of the restaurant as well as the outdoor terrace will offer moments of food pleasure, all picked from the well-known menu of the well-known chain, as well as moments of relaxation and entertainment with refreshing drinks and cocktails at its unique bar. In the same context, the impressive, groundbreaking kids playground will offer even more fun moments to the young guests and visitors of the restaurant.

Finally, the new Gloria Jean's Coffees is moving to the ground floor of The Mall of Cyprus, and is tailor made for you! A kiosk-store among your favorite shopping destinations with all the delicious Gloria Jean's drinks and snacks that will make you live the experience to the fullest! With a hot Caffe Mocha or Caramelatte, or a cold Cookies 'n' Cream you just fill up with energy and a positive mood for another stroll at The Mall of Cyprus!

The Mall of Cyprus expansion is coming to its completion with the renewal of the existing café – restaurants raising the anticipation for the mall’s final shape, which aims to become the most favorite fashion, entertainment and leisure destination for everyone! 


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