The Mall of Cyprus «Expanding Experiences» From 28th of March, come to experience it!

Mar 21, 2019

The Mall of Cyprus "Expanding Experiences" project is at the final stage of its expansion, and as from March 28 the expansion experience is becoming a reality! With the addition of an extra 6,000 m², 300 additional parking spaces in a total of 4 levels, and with new shops and restaurants, The Mall of Cyprus aims to become a favourite shopping, entertainment and leisure destination for everyone, every hour of the day!

From March 28, the public will have the pleasure to enjoy all of the new experiences offered by The Mall of Cyprus. The celebrations will climax on Sunday March 31,  with a concert by the music band "On Tour", from 5 to 7 in the afternoon. 


In the renewed Mall of Cyprus, 15 new stores will open their doors to visitors, while the food court - now transferred to new remodelled premises- will be enhanced with 6 brand new dining choices. In fact, the food court’s upgrade, which has been the key to The Mall of Cyprus expansion, aims to become a pole of attraction for leisure and a night out, while the exterior verandas give a whole new dimension to the enjoyment.


The second phase, which will be completed in July 2019, will see the project almost taking its final form, with more stores and existing shops transferred in new venues.


Within the «Expanding Experiences» concept, The Mall of Cyprus parking area has been upgraded with the addition of 300 new parking spaces in a total of 4 levels, providing parking convenience and ease, and making the customer visit even more comfortable and joyful any time of the day. Specifically, two extra levels, a mezzanine and a 1st floor, have been added to the existing basement and ground floor, allowing for 300 new additional parking spots. The majority of the parking spaces will now be covered. Additionally, the circulation between levels will be very easy for cars, while pedestrians will be able to head to and from The Mall of Cyprus commercial areas, via staircases and lifts.


The aim of The Mall of Cyprus, which is in the final stages of completing its expansion, is to continue creating unique shopping, leisure and entertainment experiences for everyone, as a favorite destination for families. Having concluded several trade agreements with popular brands from Cyprus and abroad, as well as with new coffee shops and restaurants, The Mall of Cyprus promise is to create the best life experiences for everyone!

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