The Mall of Cyprus: Continues its dynamic expansion with new additions of Sacoor Brothers, Timberland, Shoebox Kids, and Zara’s complete renovation

Mar 18, 2019

The Mall of Cyprus is continuing its dynamic expansion with new additions and space renovations in order to complete its first major renewal phase. Thus, Sacoor Brothers, the international brand Timberland and Shoebox Kids are coming to offer even more fashionable choices for men, women and children, while Saywear’s flagship store Zara is completely renovated in line with the international brand standards.

Within this frame, Zara is in the process of being fully renovated and expanded to conform to the international standards and concept stores in order to meet the growing demands and desires of its customers. Covering a wide range of people, cultures and ages, Zara is constantly trying to help customers formulate ideas, inspiration, trends and desires according to their personal taste. The completion of the renovation project of the highly anticipated refurbished Zara is expected at the end of March.

On the other hand, the addition of Sacoor Brothers is coming to add a European flair of affordable luxury, with stylish collections which perfect the art of male and female clothing and impress those who are looking for sophisticated and timeless elegance. The story of the Sacoor Brothers family begins back in 1989 in Lisbon, building a brand that features a modern lifestyle synonymous with quality, design, value, excellent service and above all elegance. These values, along with the flawless collections which are presented throughout the seasons, have turned Sacoor Bothers into a huge international fashion dynasty, which anyone can find in the most sophisticated fashion capitals all over the world.

Moreover, kids now have their own shoe shop since the favorite shop SHOEBOX, which is now being transferred to the ground floor of The Mall of Cyprus, is enriched with kids fashion, the SHOEBOX KIDS shop-in-shop, which focuses on the wellbeing and development of children's feet from the bustle, to first steps until adolescence. In its specially designed environment, children can enjoy various activities and gifts, as well as a wide variety of fashionable and comfortable choices, among some of the most popular brands in kids shoes such as Biomecanics, Garvalin, Agatha, Kido, Reverse, Miss Belgini , Biomecanics, Disney, Laura Biagiotti, Carrera, Sergio Tacchini, Polo Beverly Hills Club, Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Convers and Canguro.

Finally, Timberland, the beloved international brand is inaugurating its second store in the country at The Mall of Cyprus and making its impact on a stylish and carefree lifestyle ideal for all the outdoors and nature enthusiasts. The rich heritage of the brand along with its unwavering commitment to social and environmental responsibility with the aim of better quality of life, and its commitment to quality in general, have made Timberland synonymous with the timeless style that responds to the contemporary way of living.   

With the addition of new shops and the renewal of the existing ones, the renovation of The Mall of Cyprus becomes a reality, creating a whole new dimension as a fashion destination offering a multidimensional shopping experience to consumers.

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